Sustainable Development of Sugarcane Based Cropping System (SUBACS)-MMM Programme .

  1. To increase the productivity of sugarcane per unit area.
  2. To encourage the plantation of early and high sugar varieties in the assigned area of sugar mills.
  3. To provide disease free seed to the cane growers of the State.
  4. To maintain varietal balance of sugarcane varieties in the State.
  5. To provide assistance to the cane growers for the purchase of agricultural implements and equipments.
  6. Transfer of sugarcane production technology to farmers’ field.

Assistance to be provided to the farmers subject to the maximum limit of Rs. 3000/- per plot on inputs for inter-cropping (field demonstrations) in sugarcane crop.

Assistance to be provided to the farmers subject to the maximum limit of Rs. 17000/- per farmers field demonstration. The IPM demonstration will be organized through Farmer Field Schools and IPM material like light trape, IPM kits, bio agents and bio pesticide will be provided to the farmers.

  1. State level training:

    To be provided assistance @ Rs. 15,000 per training to
    train the staff working under Sugarcane Development Programme.

  2. Farmers Training:

    To be provided assistance
    @Rs.1500 per training for one day to the farmers.

  3. Implements:

    Incentive to be provided to farmers for purchase of identified manual operated plant protections
    equipments like sprayers and dusters @ 25% subsidy subject to maximum limit of Rs. 800 per

  4. Seed Production:

    Incentive to be provided to farmers for seed multiplication @ Rs. 2500/- per hectare.

  5. Multiple ratooning:

    Assistance @ Rs. 2000/- per hectare to be provided to the farmers for more
    remunerative cost of sugarcane cultivation.

  6. Ring Pit Sowing Method:

    It is proposed to provide assistance to the cane growers @ Rs. 10,000 per
    demonstration for one hectare area hiring for pit digging machine and labour charges etc.

  7. Achievements:

    Keeping in view the objectives and interventions highlighted above, targets have been fully achieved. The achievements made under different components during the last three years are detailed as follow:

  8. S.No. Components Units 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09
    1 Demonstrations        
    A) Field Demonstrations (Inter cropping) Nos. 1750 2000 3200
    B)  FFS Nos. 494 500 320
    C) Release of Bio-Control Agent/Bio Pesticide Hect. - 5000 4675
    D) Promotion of IPM Technology Hect. - 400 636
    2 Trainings   -    
      A) State level Nos. 3 4 4
      B) Farmers level Nos. 100 150 200
    3 Demonstration on wide row spacing Acre     735
    4. Heat Treatment Plants Nos. 15 5 -
    5 Seed Production Hect. 100 150 -
    6 Multiple Ratooning Hect, 850 500 2615
    7 Bio Control Lab. Nos. 1 3 -
    8 Tissue Culture Lab. Nos. 1 - -
    9 Demonstration on Ring Pit Sowing Method Acre 1038 905 485