Sl.No. Items Description
1. Vegetative measures The vegetative cover provided to denuded soils helps in shielding the soil cover from water erosion.
2. Agro-forestry Community Besides checking water erosion, it helps in catering the need of fodder fuel and wood of the local
3. Water harvesting structure Rainwater is harvested through these structures which helps in recharging the ground water table. The stored water even helps in providing life saving irrigation in rabi crops.
4. Gully plugging, check dams, create wire structure, loose boulderstructure Earthen structure, Percolation Embankment and stock pond.
Land Reclamation
These measures help in checking land degradation, soil erosion, bank stabilization, reduction in run-off, recharging ground water, moisture conservation etc.
Application of gypsum in alkali affected soils helps in reclaiming the affected soils. High pH value of soil is brought down at normal level. Toxic salts are leached down to sub soil layer beyond the reach of crop root zone. Soils become alkali mainly due to the presence of toxic carbonates and bicarbonates of sodium and calcium salts. The electric conductivity of alkali soils ranges between 2.5 to 4 mMhos. Whereas, the cations exchange capacity of sodium salt is more than 15%.