CROP : GREEN GRAM (Vigna radiata)
Plant Characteristics
Green Gram belongs to the family Leguminoseae and sub family Papilionaceae. Annual herbaceous plant grows to a height of 30-100 cm. The pods are 6-10 cm long, round, slender with short pubescence and green seeds. The crop is self-fertile and self-pollinated.
The crop is best suited to areas having an annual rainfall of 600-750 can tolerate drought. A well-drained loamy to sandy-loam soil is best suited.
Green gram is grown as a pure crop in rice fallows after the harvest of the first or second crop of paddy. It can also be grown as a mixed crop with tapioca, colocasia, yam, and banana or as an intercrop in coconut gardens
Philippines, Madiera, Pusa Baisakhi, NP-24, Co-2, Pusa-8973 (Pusa-8973 is suited to the summer rice fallows of Onattukara; tolerant to pod borer; duration 66 days)
Seeds And Cultivation
Seed rate
Pure crop 20-25 kg/ha
Mixed crop 6 kg/ha
Plough the land 2-3 times thoroughly and remove weeds and stubbles. Channels, 30 cm broad and 15 cm deep, are drawn at 2 m apart to drain off excess rainwater during kharif season and provide irrigation during summer season. The seeds may be sown broadcas
Water Management
For rainy season crop, drainage is very important.No irrigation should be given when the crop is in the full bloom stage.
Nutrient Management
FYM 20 t/ha (as basal)
Lime 250 kg/ha or dolomite 400 kg/ha
N 20 kg/ha
P2O5 30 kg/ha
K2O 30 kg/ha
Lime may be applied at the time of first ploughing. Half the quantity of N and the full quantity of P2O5 and K2O may be applied at the time of last ploughing. The remaining quantity of N (10 kg) can be applied as foliar spray of 2% urea solution in two equal doses on the 15th and 30th day after sowing
Weed Management
Two weeding should be given to keep the field free of harmful weeds, first 20-25 days after sowing and second 45 days after sowing.
Plant Protection
Apply carbaryl 0.15% suspension, if pests are observed in serious proportions.

Shattering of pods is a great problem. Pick the pods as soon as they mature.

Average Yield
1.2-1.5 tons of grains per hectare