Rice Research Station, Kaul
CCS Haryana Agricultural University
Rice Research Station, Kaul – 136 021, India
Ph. 091-1746-54550
Rattan Singh, Sr. Scientist (Pl. Breeding) & Head
Chander Kishore Sr. Rice Breeder
Dalel Singh Sr. Scientist (Soils)
Dharam Singh Sr. Scientist (Pl. Pathology)
Hari Om Agronomist
Ram Singh Plant Pathologist
Shyam Sunder Scientist (Pl. Pathology)
Anchal Singh Nematologist
Lakhi Ram Entomologist
Khushi Ram Rice Breeder
B. S. Mehla Rice Breeder
Rakesh Kumar Research Associate (Pl. Breeding)
Ishwar Singh Research Associate (-do- )
Development of semi-dwarf non-scented early to medium duration high yielding, better quality, insect-pest and disease resistant varieties of rice for irrigated conditions.
Development of high yielding insect-pest and disease resistant, export quality scented varieties of rice.
Development of rice hybrids with resistance to insect-pest and diseases.
Development of high yielding varieties of wheat, pulses (gram, lentil and arhar) and oilseeds suitable for North-Eastern region of Haryana under paddy growing areas.
Production of quality seed of rice, wheat and pulses.
Monitoring of prevalence of insect-pests, diseases and weed flora. Development of suitable production and protection technology with particular emphasis on tillage practices, integrated disease, pest and nutrient management for obtaining higher yields of rice, wheat, lentil, gram and arhar in rice-wheat system.
Imparting training to field functionaries on various aspects of rice production and formulation and monitoring of On-Farm Trials conducted by them on newly developed technologies.
Varietal improvement and production & protection technology of rice at Kaul
NARP Sub-project on Eastern region at Kaul. Strengthening of research centre
All India Co-ordinated Research Project on improvement of rice centre at Kaul
Strengthening of facilities for seed production of rice, wheat and pulses at Kaul
Raising off season/additional crops in research area
Development of hybrid crops-rice under mission mode programme of NATP
Sharing the responsibility of teaching undergraduate students at College of Agriculture, Kaul
1.Medium duration rice varieties viz., HKR 120, HKR 126; early duration variety HKR 46 and super-fine grained export quality varieties Taraori Basmati and Haryana Basmati-1 have been developed and released for commercial cultivation.
2. Rice varieties IR8, Jaya, PR 106, (medium duration); Palman 579, IR 64 in mid early duration; Govind, Pusa 33 in early duration and a scented variety Basmati 370 have been introduced for general cultivation in the state.
3.An early maturing variety HKR 47, scented variety Haryana Mahak 11 and a hybrid HKRH 1 have been identified and proposed for release. Another hybrid HKRH-2 (medium duration) and HKRH-21 (early duration) have been identified for release.
4.HC-5 variety of Gram and Muskan of Mung have been released for general cultivation in the state while HK-1 and HK-2 of Kabuli Gram have been identified for release.
5.Agronomic practices for different rice varieties, integrated weed management, yield and quality aspects, cropping sequence, residue management, crop establishment technique in rice-wheat system.
6. Fertilizer requirement of different varieties, enrichment of soil organic carbon and improvement in physico-chemical properties through organic amendments
7.Identification of multiple resistant sources against major diseases and insect-pests (WBPH, leaf folder and stem borer) for utilization in resistance breeding programme.
8. Integrated management of major insect-pests and diseases of rice.
9.Development of improved tillage implements to save time, resources and avoid soil degradation.
10. Development of suitable techniques involving shallow tillage in wheat and management practices in rice for control of Phalaris minor in wheat.
11. Worked out the impact of zero tillage in wheat on build up of soil fungi and diseases of rice-wheat sequence.
1. Mat type nursery raising for mechanical rice transplanting
2. Zero Till Drill machine for wheat sowing
3. Use of different drills i.e., Rotavator drill, Strip drill and Bed planting drill for wheat sowing
4. Use of rotavator for field preparation
5. Hybrid seed production