Directorate of Research
Development of bed-planting system for increasing the yield and input use efficiencies under different cropping systems (NRM)
Development of efficient complementary practices for zero ande reduced tillage systems for establishing wheat after rice (NRM)
Economic analysis of total factor productivity of irrigated agriculture by districts ®ions (SE&P)
Characterization and mapping of rice-wheat system: Its changes and constraints to system sustainability (NRM)
Development of new tillage & crop residue management practices in machine harvested area as an alternate to residue burning (NRM)
Developoment of maize hybrid for quality protein content & carbohydrate profile (NRM)
Develop regional salt and water balance models (WM)
Analysis of productivity changes and future sources of growth for sustainable rice-wheat cropping system (SE&P)
Breeding designer brassicas (IPNS)
Breeding high-sugared multicut forage sorghum hybrids and varieties with enhanced nutritional quality (NRM)
Nitrogen management and simulation modelling for different water availability situations (IPNS)
Crop growth and water use models to improve water use efficiency in different water supply situations (WM)
Organic matter recycling and enrichment (IPNS)
Reduce water&nutrient losses in rice growth in different soils (WM)
Development and validation of simulation models to predict the long-term consequences of different tillage and residue management strategies (NRM)
Fertility evaluation and soil test based integration fertilizer recommendation (IPNS)
Manipulation of Rumen microbial eco-system for improving the utilization of straws and stover (NRM)
Sustainable high production of indigenous and cross breeds cattle and buffaloes in rural household under R-W Production System. (NRM)
Urban &peri-urban system of milk production through use of concentrated based feeding system. (NRM)
Studies on efficacy of bio-inoculants in cotton-wheat based production system (BT)
Evaluation and identification of suitable pest tolerant compact cotton amenable to mechanical harvesting (NRM) Management of production technology for cotton-wheat system (NRM) Socio-economic analysis and characterization of cotton-based system (NRM)
Control of leaf curl viral disease in cotton and development of protocols for mass multiplication of predators, parasites and insect pathogens (IPM)
Evaluation of locally available feed and fodders, improvements in their quality and formulation of economic and complete rations for ruminants in irrigation cotton based production system. (NRM)
Development of nutrient management strategies for cropping systems in the Indian arid zone. Application of simulation models and medium range weather forecasts (IPNS)
Socio-economic feasibility of Agri-Hort-Silvi-Pastoral and Livestock production system - A diagnostic survey. (SE)
Develop techniques for management of gypsiferous and impeded soils of arid areas (IPNS)Breeding of biotic and abiotic stresses - Physiological efficiency in moong bean, cowpea and cluster bean (NRM)
Watershed Management Technology in Hot Arid Regions. (WM)
Environmental stress and its amelioration through shelter management (NRM) .
Promotion of R &D efforts on hybrids in selected crop - Cotton (NRM)
Promotion of R & D efforts on hybrids in selected crop - Pearl millet (NRM)
Veterinary diagnostics for prevalent and emerging diseases (NRM)
Promotion of R &D efforts on hybrids in selected crop - Rice (NRM) 36. Promotion of R & D efforts on hybrids in selected crop - Sunflower (NRM)
Promotion of R & D efforts on hybrids in selected crop - Rapeseed Mustard (NRM)
Development of hybrids in vegetables (NRM)
Agricultural Research Information System (ARIS)
Creation/strengthening of local area network (LAN) at ICAR Institutes/PDs/NRCs, SAUs, etc.
Human Resource Development in Seed Technology
Technology Assessment & Refinement (TAR) through IVLP in irrigated agro-climatic zone
Agricultural Technology Information Centre (ATIC)