Directorate of Research
Director of Research-
Dr. R. P.Narwal
Additional Director of Research
Dr. K. L. Raheja
R S Balyan, Project Director
S. M. Chahal, Assoc. Director (V&A.S)
Ravi Kumar, Assoc. Director (Crops)
Jagdev SinghAssoc. Director (Crops)
R K Sheoran, (Nodal Officer)
A S Nandwal, Assoc. Director
Rachana Gulati, Joint Director
All India Coordinated Research Projects at CCSHAU
National Agricultural Technology Project (NATP)
Varieties released by CCS HAU
List of Funding agencies
Instruction for Project preparation (NAARM Material) (Most of the files are MS-WORD Documents)
Research Priorities
To develop high yielding, salt, drought, disease and pest resistant varieties of crop commodities.
Development of low input requiring high yielding varieties of crops.
Researches for generating low cost production technology for floriculture and mushrooms.
Integrated pest and weed management practices in important cropping systems.
Biological control of important diseases and pests with particular reference to control of Heliothis and pink boll worm in cotton, and sugarcane borers.
Control of rise in water table and perfecting drainage technology.
Conservation of energy through agro-forestry, improving efficiency of biogas plants, harnessing solar and wind energy for farm operations, etc.
Conservation of important plant and animal genetic resources.
Diversification in agriculture with a view to develop different models of integrated farming systems for various farming situations for gainful employment and proper utilisation of natural resources.
Nutrition and feed technology for improving animal health and productivity.
Surgical aspects of animal health.
Surveillance and epidemiology of infectious diseases in animals.
Biotechnology, with particular reference to immunology for the development of vaccines and diagnostics for control of important diseases in animals.
Better use of conventional and non-conventional food resources, child care and home resource management.
TRADEWISE : (Mason, Painter, Welder, Fitter, Mate, Saw Operator, Carpenter, Lab. Helper, Glazier, Gen.Operator, Tech. Lineman, Plumber, Electrician, Mechanic, Telephone,)
Final Seniority list of Mechanic
Final Seniority list of Tractor Drivers
Final seniority list of Plant Observer
Final Seniority list of Head Mali
Final Seniority list of Laboratory Technician
Provisional seniority list of Field Supervisor/Technical Assistant
Final Seniority list of Senior Laboratory Assistant (SLA)
Final Seniority list of Laboratory Assistant
Final Seniority list OF Hammerman ,X-Ray Room Helper, Well Observer, Meteorological Observer, Auto electrician, Turner, Sr. Motor Rewinder, Sr. Tractor Mechanic, Foreman (REF. & A/c) and Foreman (Instruments)
Building of Directorate of Research
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