Directorate of Research
All India Coordinated Research Projects at CCSHAU (2002-03)
Name of project/scheme Year of start
AE-1 AICRP on Farm Implements& Machinery 79-80
Agron.6 AICRP for Cropping System Research & Experiment on Cultivator’s fields 83-84
Agron 8. AICRP on Weed Science 1983
Agrimet-1 AICRP on Agromet 1983
DLA-1 AICRP for Dryland Agri. Main Centre Hisar 1971
EBS-1 AICRP on Sugarcane Karnal 74-75
Ento-3 AICRP on Honeybees Rs. & Trg. 89-90
Ento-7 AICRP on Pesticide Residue 1.8.94
Forage-1 AICRP on Sorghum Improvement 1985
Forage-2 AICRP on Forage Crops 1985
Forage-4 AICRP on Arid Legumes 1985
FF-1-AICRP on Agroforestry 86-87
Hort.-4-AICRP on Arid Zone Fruits 83-84
Nem.-1 AICRP on Nematodes 77-78
PB-1 AICRP on Cotton Improvement- Hisar Centre 71-72
PB-3 AICRP on Oilseed, Hisar Centre 1967
PB-4 AICRP on Oilseed, Bawal Centre 1967
PB-5 AICRP on chickpea Pulses 1968
PB-7 AICRP on Pearl millet Improvement 69-70
PB-12 AICRP on Rice Improvement Project sub Centre Kaul 74-75
PB-21 AICRP on Under Utilized/Under Exploited Plants. 82-83
PB-50 AICRP on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants 83-84
PB-92 AICRP on Wheat & Barley 1970
PB-93 AICRP on Pigeonpea 1.4.01
PB-94 AICRP on MULLARP 1.4.01
Soil-1AICRPon Micro and Secondary Nutrients & Pollutant elements in soil & plants. 6.7.68
Soil-3-AICRP on Soil Test with Crop Response. 78-79
Soil-4-AICRP on Water Management 67-68
Soil-18-AICRP on Management of Salt Affected Soils and Use of Saline water in Agriculture 98-99
SST-1 Breeder Seed Production under NSP 77-78
SST-1 Seed Technology Research under NSP 77-78
Veg.-2 AICRP on Potato Improvement 75-76
Veg.-3 AICRP Veg. Improvement Project 75-76
Veg.-6 AICRP on Spices 93-94
VBH-1-AICRP on Epidemiological on Foot and Mouth Diseases at Hisar left 1970
AB -9 Project Directorate on Cattle- Germplasm Unit 1.7.86
AB -10 Project Directorate on Cattle- Data Recording Unit 1.7.86
LPM-3 Network Programme on Buffaloes
Micro-4 AICRP on Biological Nitrogen Fixation 1976
Micro-9 AICRP on Renewable Energy Source for Agri. & Agro based Industries 83-84
CD-1 AICRP on Home Science 80-81
CT-2 AICRP on Home Science 96-97
EE-5 AICRP on Home Science 96-97
FN-2 AICRP on Home Science 80-81
HM-1 AICRP on Home Science 80-81
RSK–18 AICRP on Maize Improvement 1.3.2K
RRS-1 AICRP on Castor 2001-02