The network at CCS HAU uses gigabit backbone connections between the Switches and Fast Ethernet connection to the network nodes providing very high speed links. The network offers an excellent response time and has been ensured for availability and reliability. Redundant links have been used to minimize network downtime. Some quantitative features of the network are shown below
72 Switch locations in 42 Buildings provide network connectivity to 2200 nodes (approx.). All the Switch locations are interconnected with Outdoor/Indoor Optical Fiber Cables. 19 Km. of Fiber Cables have been used for the purpose, and 98 Km. of UTP Cable has been used to provide the network nodes
At present Sun, IBM and HP’s based server at Computer Center works as DNS, DHCP, Web, Mail and Bandwidth Manager. Operating system are Linux Red Hat 4.0, Sun Solaris 8 and Windows 2003.
A 6 Mbps leased line is procured from BSNL and 2 Mbps leased line from ERNET. A Cisco 2821 router connect the campus-wide network to Internet and Cisco 1721 router connect to the mail server.
E-mail/Web surfing/download facilities are available to users community spread around the campus for 24 hours a day.