Required Materials :-

- Crop residues and debris – 60%
- Dung (20-25 days old or fresh) – 30%
- Field Soil – 10%
- Gunny bags for covering
- Water
- Shadow (Treee or Roof)


Methods of making Vermi Compost

  1. 1. Formation of Vermi Compost in Furrows – This is the best method for formation of Vermi Compost. In this method earthworms will get optimum, water and air which helps in multiplying and increase their efficiency so that the compost will ready in few days. In this method the length, breath and height of the furrow is as under :
    Length - As required
    Breath - 90 cm
    Height - 60 cm
  2. 2. Formation of Vermi Compost in Dugging hole – In order to prevent earthworms from high temperature or cold waves, we prefers this method. In this method the length, breath and height of the furrow is as under :
    Length - As required
    Breath - 90 cm
    Height - 60 cm

Method –In the above methods for formation of Vermi Compost different materials is required as under :-

  1. Crop residues and debris will be scattered below 12-15 cm.
  2. 10 - 12 cm thick layer of dung should be is placed over the layer of crop residues.
  3. After the dung layer, 30-45 cm thick layer of Crop residues and debris is placed.
  4. After this 3-4 cm thick layer of soil is applied over the previous layer.
  5. At the top most, 5-6 cm thick layer of dung is applied.
  6. The earthworms then scattered over the furrows and dugging hole. The strengths of earthworms should be 400-500 per meteer cubic or 150-200 per qtls of material.
  7. After this the earthworms will be covered with gunny bags or crop residues. This will prevent earthworms from the direct contact of sun light because the earthworms will work only in the dark so the compost material will be covered completely.
  8. Earthworms need high humidity for proper working and humidity is nearly 75%. To maintain this humidity in summer season 2-3 times, in winter 1 time and in rainy season according to weather we have to spray water on the compost. In the beginning of the vermi compost formation it needs high quantity of water but as a time progresses the quantity of water goes down. During watering the compost you have to know about the correct quantity of water that you have to put on the compost. If there is a large amount of water is sprayed over the vermi compost it declines the working of the earthworms. In the season of summer three times of water should be applied, Ist in morning, after noon and then in evening. In the rainy season, if the above layer of compost looks dry then apply the irrigation.
  9. In summer, vermi compost formation place is surrounded by a stripe in which Dhaincha crop is sown. The width of this stripe would be 2-3 Feet.
  10. In winter season after the interval of 8-10 days, the fresh cow dung layer is placed over the compost material. This layer is should be 2-3 cm in width. This layer increases the temperature inside the compost which helps in proper functioning of earthworms.
  11. In rainy season, the compost should be formed on raised beds, so that there is no water logging. This prevents the movement of earthworms from compost to other places with water.
  12. The optimum temperature for vermi compost formation is 280 C - 350 C.

Elements present in Vermi Compost –
Nitrogen - 1-2.25%
Phosphorus - 1-1.5%
Potash - 2-3%


Advantages of Vermi Compost :-
- This increases the humus in the Soil.
- It helps in availability of essential elements.
- It prevents Soil & Water Erosion
- It helps in the formation of good environment for the growth of plant roots.
- Waste products of farms are used efficiently.
- The waste products of animals are used for formation of vermi compost.
- Waste products of Municipal Corporation are also used for formation of vermi compost.
- It maintain sanitation and save the environment.
- It is the pollution free activity.
- It is good employment and increases the employment.


Important steps that are remember for the vermin compost formation
- Preparte the vermi compost in dark (under the roof and tree).
- Select the place where there is no water logging problem.