Agricultural Mechanization is highly significant in the present agricultural production system. Latest technology machines & implements form the basis of effective management of inputs and timely completion of farm operations leading to higher yields. In the year 2007-2008, level of Agricultural Mechanization shall be raised by following ways under Macro Management Mode: -

Providing assistance to farmers as subsidy for purchase of improved machinery like
  1. Zero-till seed-cum-fertilizer drill This machine is used for sowing of wheat crop after harvesting of paddy crop. Sowing is done directly without carrying out tillage operations such as ploughing, harrowing and leveling. It saves Rs. 1200-1500/- per acre besides judicious use of seed and fertilizer.
  2. Rotavator This tractor operated machine prepares the field for sowing in single operation. It saves valuable time, labour and diesel. It carries out all tillage operations such as ploughing, harrowing and leveling in single operation. It destroys weeds, stubbles & cut previous crop residue into fragments, conserve soil moisture, pulverizes soil. It prepares seed bed in both wet & dry condition. By using this machine farmers can save Rs 300/Acre.
  3. Bed Planter (Multi Crop) This machine is used for sowing of wheat, soyabean, Arhar, Mustered crop on beds by replacement of suitable seeding attachments. Farmers can save 25-30% of Seed, fertilizer & water by using this machine.
  4. Potato Planter This machine is used for sowing of potato crop. Sowing by this machine saves valuable time and labour.
  5. Potato Digger This machine is Suitable for harvesting & exposing the potato tubers. This machine is operated by a tractor. The potato tubers are dropped on the ground behind the digger. The potatoes are completely exposed which helps in speeding manual picking. The effective field capacity of the digger varies from 1.3 to 2 ha. / day.
  6. Self Propelled Power Weeder/Reaper /sprayer These are small self propelled machine powered by 5-10 hp diesel engines.
    Power weeder is provided with weeding attachments to carry out weeding operations in wide row crops.
    Self propelled Reaper is equipped with conventional cutter bar assembly of 1.6m width, five crop row dividers provided with star wheels & covers, Pressure springs and two conveyer belts .The cutter bar is given a reciprocating motion by a crank called pitman rod. The machine is mounted on the front of a walking type power tiller. It is suitable for harvesting & windrowing of wheat and paddy crops
    Self propelled power sprayer consists of spraying unit at the back, The sprayer covers a width of about 7m in one pass and it has a capacity of about1 ha./h.
  7. Ridger Seeder With this machine sowing of crop is done in ridge & furrow system. It can sow both on ridges and furrows. The dry soil is removed & the seed in furrows is placed having sufficient moisture.  It ensures 25% higher yield in dry land conditions and conserves irrigation water upto 30-40%.
  8. Straw Reaper This machine is used to recover left over straw after harvesting of wheat/paddy by combine harvester. It recovers the left over crop straw to the tune of 50-60% & it also recovers 15-20 Kg Grains per acre. Usage of this machine has decreased menaces of straw burning in fields thereby conserving soil fertility
    and preventing air pollution.
  9. Post Hole Digger This tractor operated machine is used for digging pits for sowing of Sugarcane crop. It takes about 14 hours to dig 3600 pit in one acre afterwards sowing of sugarcane setts is done in pits. Usage of this machine saves valuable time and labour.
  10. Reaper Binder With the help of this machine harvesting and binding of crop is carried out in single operation. It can harvest wheat, paddy, Oats, Barley and other grain crops of height 85 to 110 cm. Its field capacity is 1 acre/hr. This machine cuts the crops very near from ground, thereby reducing the menaces of straw burning. A small trolley can also be attached for pulling weight upto 6 qtls
  11. Power Tiller It is hand operated tractor specially designed for use by small & medium farmers in conditions where tractors are not suitable for interculture operations. It is provided with 5-10 h.p. diesel or petrol engine along with suitable attachments for carrying out field operations.
  12. Tractor mounted Sprayer This is a machine for spraying of insecticides/pesticides on any crop. This is a very effective and useful machine for increasing agriculture production.
  13. Laser Leveller This equipment is used for precision leveling of land thereby facilitates effective utilization of farm inputs. It saves 30% water used in irrigation.
  14. Hybrid Cotton seed Drill This machine is used for sowing of hybrid cotton thereby saving valuable time and labour.
  15. Seed cum Fertilizer Drill (Multi Crop) This machine is used for sowing purpose. With the help of this machine various types of crops can be sowed.
  16. Seed-Cum-Fertilizer box to be attached with Cultivator It is useful for small farmers who can not afford seed cum fertilizer drill, a seed cum fertilizer box is attached with cultivator. With this attachment sowing can be done effectively.
  17. Leveller It is useful for effective leveling of field, which ensures judicious use of irrigation water. It is tractor operated equipment.
  18. Mould Board Plough It is primary tillage implement useful for land preparation suitable for sowing. It digs soil slice and inverts simultaneously.
  19. Wheel hand Hoe It is an interculture tool used for weeding operation in row crops.
  20. Bund Maker This machine is suitable for making bunds. It saves irrigation water
  21. Sub Soiler T his machine is used for deep ploughing. This machine is used for breaking hard pan formed on the field thereby facilitating proper growth of the crops.
  22. Gender Friendly Equipments These Implements like Mini Dal mill & Pedal Operated paddy Thresher may be helpful in reducing drudgery in farm operations carried out by women in the state
  23. Self Propelled paddy Planter This machine is used for sowing of paddy crop. It is aself propelled machine provided with small engine.
  24. Bullock drawn tractor It is a multi bar tool carrier operated by pair of bullocks. This equipment has various attachments for doing agricultural practices.
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