Farm Mechanization
  1. Improved Agricultural Machinery facilitates the farmers doing timely operations such as field preparation for sowing, sowing, intercultural operations, Plant protection measures, harvesting and in Post harvest operations,reducing drudgery of Labour.
  2. The cost of land preparation and sowing decreased from Rs 2300/Ha (Traditional practice) to Rs 675/Ha in Zero till drill combination, Rs 987/Ha in broadcasting followed with Rotavators and Rs 1392/Ha with Rotavators and sown with seed cum fertilizer drill.
  3. Straw Reaper recovers 100-120 Kg/ha of additional grain and 25 q/ha bhusa from the same fields harvested by combine harvester, thereby preventing us from menace of straw burning.
  4. Average puddling index was better and basic infiltration rate was less in Rotavators prepared fields as compared to traditional practice. There is a saving of three irrigations (15cm) during initial 15-20 days, reduction in the cost of operation by Rs. 450/ha plus increase in yield by 1.5-2.0 q/ha.
  5. Reaper Binder is a very useful machine used for harvesting of crops (wheat, paddy and other grain crops). It cuts crops at a height of 5cm from ground with field capacity of 1 acre/hr.
  6. Increased productivity in rice and wheat has also been witnessed by use of above said machines.
  7. Biogas
  8. A total of 48340 biogas plants installed in Haryana from the year 1982-83 to 2006-2007. Installed plants have saved conventional fuels equivalent to
    6,34,766 KWH/day of Electricity OR 70,229 litres/day of Diesel OR 4,68,645 Kg/day of Firewood.
  9. Biogas plants have made the cooking of food a neat & clean job with higher efficiency.
  10. The scheme helps the rural women in maintaining good health especially to their eyes.
  11. Biogas Slurry improves soil health.
  12. Demonstration
  13. New machines like Laser Leveller, Reaper Binder, Power Tiller, Power Weeder, Vegetable Transplanter, Happy Seeder, Caster Thresher, Paddy Transplanter, Bed Planter and Sugarcane Cutter-planter etc. are being demonstrated at the farmer's field for introducing these implements in the state of Haryana.
  14. Boring
  15. This Scheme has helped in a big way by providing boring machinery at the farmer’s doorstep and charging nominal fees. This service provided by the Department has helped the farmers in great deal by restricting the prices of boring charged by private operators.
  16. Dangerous Machine Act
  17. There is steep reduction in thresher accidents during harvesting season due to improved design of threshers. Victims of Agricultural Accidents are getting compensation through Haryana State Agriculture market