Academic Branch is responsible for admissions and results of all the undergraduate programmes.  Prospectus for undergraduate as well as postgraduate programmes is issued normally in the month of May/June every year after the approval of the Academic Council.  Admission to undergraduate and master’s programme are made in the month of July and Ph.D. programme in the month of December every

Academic Branch is also responsible for arranging meetings of the Academic Council and holding of Convocations.After the completion of graduation requirements each student is awarded degree by the Academic Branch.  On request migration certificates are also issued

The main functions of the Employees Branch are given below:
  • Cases for completion of probation period, promotions and other service matters including disciplinary proceedings in respect of non-teaching employees in whose case the appointing authority is either the Vice-Chancellor or the Registrar.
  • Render advice to various appointing authorities in regard to service matters of non-teaching employees.
  • Issue instructions/guidelines relating to service matters of non-teaching employees.
  • Deals with the cases of ex-gratia appointment to the dependents of the deceased employees.
  • Conduction of departmental examination in accounts for ministerial staff.
  • Deals with the association of employees.
  • Amendment in the statutory provisions relating to non-teaching employees.
  • Deals with the instructions regarding writing of Annual Confidential Reports
Faculty Branch deals with the following :

  • Establishment cases of the teachers i.e. Asstt. Professors, Assoc. Professors, Professors including  HODs, Deans, Directors and Officers of the University.  This include transfer, seniority, disciplinary action proceedings and other allied jobs.
  • Promotion of teachers i.e. senior scale, selection grade, Assoc. Professors, Professor under Career Advancement Scheme  and Merit Promotion Scheme .
  • Appointment of HODs.
  • Conducting meetings of Board of Management and implementation of the decision thereof.
The main functions of the General Branch are given below:
  • Recruitment of all teaching posts.
  • Recruitment of all technical posts of Class-II and above rank as well as of ministerial posts for which Registrar is the appointing authority.
  • Grant of extension to adhoc employees as well as to  DPLs
  • The recruitment is made as per the prescribed procedure given in the Statutes.  The posts are advertised in the leading newspapers and selection is made by a duly constituted committee as per provisions of the Statutes.
  • Further, this Branch is also handling miscellaneous issues pertaining to the University.  Some of the important issues pertaining to miscellaneous work comprises of High Powered Coordination Committee, meeting of all the 4 Vice-Chancellors of State Universities and Association of Indian Universities and Association of Indian Agricultural Universities, meeting of Officers’ Committee, amendment in Statutes, Coordination with ICAR, UGC and State Agriculture Department for supplying various information etc.
  • The Registrar is also Controlling Officer of the Security Organization so all correspondence pertaining to this Organization is handled by   Assistant Registrar (G).  The Assistant Registrar (G) is also exercising the powers of DDO and besides the DDO of Registrar’s office, he has been delegated the powers of DDO in respect of Security Organization, Controller of Examinations, Faculty House, Faculty Club as per the recent notification issued by the Comptroller.
  • Assistant Registrar (G) is also handling reservation of Faculty House other than VIP and AC suites
Sr. No. Date Subject
1. 17.07.2009 Financial Propriety /prudence
2. 23.07.2009 Amendment No. 2/09
3. 25.07.2009 Regarding equivalency of Technical Qualification awarded by Deemed University in distance Education Mode for the purpose of recruitment and promotion in Haryana Government.
4. 22.08.2009 Board guidelines for signing of Memo of Understandings
Faculty Selection Criteria

Dr.R S Dalal,
Registrar:CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar
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