The Comptroller is a whole time Officer of the University.  He manages finance and investment of the University and advice in regard to its financial matters.  He is responsible for the  preparation and presentation of budget and ensure that the expenditure, not authorized in the budget,  is not incurred in the University.  He is responsible  to prepare the Accounts of the University and get them audited. He is also the Member Secretary of the  Finance Committee.  He has to ensure that all the income and fees due to  the University are collected and deposited in the Bank Account timely. There are five Branches assisting the Comptroller for performing various nature of functions for financial management of the University.These are (i) Budget Branch (ii) Accounts Branch (iii) Establishment Branch (iv) Inspection Branch (v) Pension Branch.Besides this, the Comptroller is the Controlling Officer of the Store Purchase Organization.

Telephone: 284305, 289280; Res. 225716
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