Constitution of the Academic Council as provided in Section 23(3) of HPAU Act 1970 read as under:
The Academic Council shall consist of:
  1. Vice-Chancellor
  2. The Deans of Colleges of the University
  3. The Dean of Postgraduate Studies
  4. The Director of Extension Education
  5. The Director of Research
  6. The Head of one department from each college to be selected by the respective colleges
  1. The meeting of the Academic Council shall be convened by the Vice-Chancellor or by some other officer, whom he temporarily delegates this power.
  2. The Registrar is to act as Ex-officio Secretary to the Academic Council, who will maintain the minutes of the meetings of the Council.
  3. Normally the meeting of the Academic Council may be held on 3rd Saturday of alternate months.
  4. The meeting of the Academic Council shall be held at the Campus of CCS Haryana Agricultural University Hisar but the Vice-Chancellor may convene a meeting at any of the centres of the CCS Haryana Agricultural University.
  5. The quorum of the meeting shall be 1/3rd of its members.
  6. All questions shall be decided by majority of votes of the members present at the meeting.  The co-opted members shall have no right to vote.The Chairman of the Academic Council shall be entitled to vote on any question and if, the votes be equally divided, he shall have a second or casting vote.
  7. Questions relating to a particular Department of the University shall not be decided unless the Dean, Director or Head of that Department is present.
  8. Agenda of regular meetings may be circulated one week in advance and only those items be considered/included which are received in the office of Registrar atleast 15 days before the date of the meeting.However, for special meetings, the agenda may be circulated 3 days before the date of meeting and such items must reach the office of the Registrar 7 days before the date of the meeting.
  9. The business of the meeting shall normally be confined to the agenda circulated but any other items, not on the agenda, can be introduced and considered, with the permission of the Chairman.
  10. The items for the agenda, will be initiated by the Vice-Chancellor, members of the Academic Council and other officers.
  11. The officers of the University and Heads of the Departments are not the members of the Academic Council, can submit items for agenda but those items will first be considered by Vice-Chancellor.
  12. The Vice-Chancellor shall put on the agenda for consideration;such items as are received 15 days before the calling of the meeting.He is authorized to include any item, which is received late.
  13. The Secretary will keep record of the proceedings of the meeting, which will be sent to each member normally within a week of the meeting.
  14. The proceedings of the meeting shall be confirmed in the next meeting.  Confirmation would confine to confirming whether the decisions had been correctly recorded and it should not be occasion for questioning a decision taken
List of Members of Academic Council of CCS HAU, Hisar
  1. Dr. K. S. Khokhar, Vice-Chancellor
  2. Dr. S. K. Nagpal, Dean, College of Vety. Sciences.
  3. Dr. S. S. Pahuja, Dean, College of Agriculture
  4. Dr. Vijay K. Chowdhury, Dean, College of Basic Scs. & Humanities
  5. Dr. M. K. Garg, Dean, College of Agril. Engg. & Tech.
  6. Dr. (Mrs.) Neelam Khetarpaul, Dean, College of Home Sciences
  7. Dr. Narender Singh Yadav, Dean, College of Animal Sciences.
  8. Dr. O. P. Toky, Dean, Postgraduate Studies
  9. Dr. R. P. Narwal, Director of Research
  10. Dr. H. D. Yadav, Director Extension Education
  11. Dr. (Mrs.) Nishi Sethi, Prof. & Head, Deptt. Home Science Ext. Education
  12. Dr. R. K. Sharma, Prof. & Head, Deptt. of LPM
  13. Dr. S. N. Nandal, Deptt. of Nematology
  14. Dr. S. K. Gupta, Prof. & Head, Deptt. of Vety. Parasitology
  15. Dr. Y. K. Yadav, Assoc. Prof. & Head, Deptt. of Agril. Processing & Energy .
  1. Librarian
  2. Dr. R. K. Kashyap, Director, HRM
  3. Dr. Bharat Singh, Director Students’ Welfare
  4. Dr. K. L. Raheja, Additional Director of Research
  5. Dr. R. K. Bakhi, Principal, College of Agriculture, Kaul
  6. Dr. Tek Chand, President, HAUTA
  7. Dr. K. D. Sharma, Secretary, HAUTA
  8. Dr. A. K. Srivastava, Director, NDRI, Karnal
  9. Dr. S. S. Singh, Project Director, Directorate of Wheat Research, Karnal
  1. Dr. R S Dalal, Registrar, CCS HAU, Hisar